Raise capital on your own terms.

Seed rounds, Reg A+, fund formation and everything in between. DealMaker allows forward-thinking organizations to raise capital faster and more efficiently.

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DealMaker provides a best-in-class toolkit to execute a successful raise.

Our expertise and unparalleled network of partners will ensure you have everything you need for success.

Shareholder Management Tool

DealMaker Engage

Share news and documents with investors and stakeholders in a branded portal. Companies that engage current and prospective investors regularly have more successful capital raises.

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Everything you need to launch and manage a successful capital raise

A complete CRM to manage all aspects of the raise, from conversion and investor communication/tracking to automated reminders with real-time data and analytics.

Our proprietary question flow ensures investors can complete their subscription agreement in minutes, compliantly and with no deficiencies.

Ensure a smooth raise by facilitating cross-team collaboration on the platform, and leverage DealMaker’s network to ensure you have everything you need.

Digitized subscription agreements and templated documents for any type of raise.

Improve conversion and speed with digital payments, transforming the investor funding process while maintaining control over cost of capital.

Our experienced Customer Success team provides unparalleled support from onboarding, to offering launch, to close.

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Raise capital you need
in 4 easy steps

From seed round to series C, we provide the automated solutions and resources that ensure success.


Engage Dealmaker

DealMaker provides best practices and support for issuers new to the process of raising capital. For experienced issuers, DealMaker can get you ready to launch in hours.



Review subscription agreement and launch plans, leveraging DealMaker’s expertise  to ensure the pieces are in place for a successful raise.


Go Live

DealMaker transforms offerings into digital raises for seamless subscription and management workflows.


Manage Your Deal

Onboard and convert investors with an elevated and modern experience, complete with digital payment options.

Raise capital
on your own terms

From seed round to series C, we provide automated solutions and resources that ensure success.

Marketed Raises

Reg A+, Reg CF, Reg D 506(c) and beyond
Market your capital raise “Direct to Investor” while engaging and growing your customer base.

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Private Placements
& Funds

Seed rounds, Reg D 506(b) and more
Launch any capital raise from anywhere in the world - with a few, simple steps.

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Carbon Streaming Raised US$104.9 Million in Non-Brokered Placement in July 2021

Carbon Streaming raised $104.9M in a record breaking non-brokered capital raise. Learn how DealMaker powered this incredible offering.