Frictionless Angel Round for Ontario Medtech

The story of IRegained is one of curiosity and science. Beginning in 1992 with Ranjit Stanley and Vineet Johnson, and culminating into an inexpensive prototype fabricated by Daniel Vasiliu, the three founders created IRegained Inc. in 2016. Their dream was to build an easy-to-use, portable, and affordable device to help improve hand function in individuals’ post-stroke— a better, modern way to help stroke patients recover. In his basement, Daniel created the first prototype of IRegained’s MyHand technology. Thereafter, a business was born.

After 3 years IRegained was ready to scale. Through the founder’s network, IRegained hired seasoned company builder Joel Liederman and Medtech business development executive Samir Sahoo. Eyeing the capital of angel investors to grow their business and help more Canadians, IRegained’s greatest challenge lay ahead— raising angel capital in an expensive, high friction ecosystem.

Angel round raises are notoriously difficult to manage. Their smaller size and less experienced investors make them especially cost sensitive to fees, and make managing documents and progress a daunting challenge. So, when company builder Joel Liederman was tasked with leading IRegained’s angel round, he turned to the best digital platform to seamlessly manage their raise— DealMaker.

IRegained used DealMaker to reach investors geographically distributed over hundreds of square miles while keeping their raise organized, cost efficient, and quick.

2/3 of investors
were able to complete their subscription documents
in under 5 minutes
meaning no follow up calls or inquiries for the company or counsel, saving IRegained time and money.

Most importantly, 100% of the documents were completed accurately, the first time— a nearly impossible feat using traditional methods.

I have been involved as a venture capital investor in, and mentor to, numerous early stage companies for nearly 30 years. I have been through countless transactions and lived through the challenging and often tedious process of managing the document preparation, approval and payment tracking process. Now I am wondering why no one ever thought about building a portal like DealMaker to manage the process. It’s an amazing tool that I wish had been available to me earlier. There is no way that I will go through fundraising in the future without using Dealmaker.
Joel Liederman, Company Builder

For IRegained, better access to capital means a chance to help more Canadians recover from the debilitating effects of stroke. When speed, efficiency, and results were paramount in the highest stakes, IRegained trusted DealMaker to unlock their growth— and we at DealMaker couldn’t be more proud to support such an impactful organization.

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