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Equity crowdfunding and D2C marketing experts: We're a team of specialists building and scaling the brands of tomorrow. Our expertise in positioning brands for success and introducing them to new, high-value customers and investors has proved a winning formula for our clients.

Our Services

Digital Strategy

We craft and execute multi-channel digital marketing strategies that efficiently help our clients scale their business by maximizing the value of their existing community and affordably acquiring new customers.

Media Buying

Getting in front of your audience with the right message and the right time is a fine art that we've honed and mastered. Whether your budget is $10,000 or $1,000,000 we'll make sure you get the most for your money.

Web Design

This page is beautiful. So are the ones we've built for our clients. We create excellent user experiences designed to display your product or service and convert your audience.

Retention Marketing

The cost of retaining a customer is far less expensive than acquiring a new one. We create sophisticated marketing funnels designed to increase brand loyalty and keep your customers around for a long time.

Our Services

Equity Crowdfunding

  • $330M+ Raised and Counting

RGA continues to lead the space as the most successful equity crowdfunding agency. Our proprietary multi-channel marketing funnel strategies have helped over a dozen private businesses raise millions through their Reg-A offerings.


  • Raised: $9,200,000

HyperSciences is a technology company that has created an innovative hypervelocity propulsion system for major industries such as fast tunneling, energy drilling, and aerospace.

20/20 GeneSystems

  • Raised: $5,200,000

20/20 GeneSystems  is a digital diagnostics company with the core mission of reducing cancer mortality in the U.S. and around the world through early detection


  • Raised: $27,000,000

NowRx is an on-demand pharmacy, founded with the goal of developing software, artificial intelligence, robotics, and logistics to create the most convenient retail pharmacy service available, focused on free same-day delivery for prescription and OTC medications, thereby eliminating the need to visit a pharmacy.

Our Services


Our turnkey suite of multi-channel digital marketing and advertising services has been the secret behind the success of many ecommerce brands. We help businesses of all sizes develop, execute, and scale strategies to acquire new customers, engage their communities, and grow their businesses.


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